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General Information

The Institute operates hostels for non-local students, with general information as follows:

Hostel building

East Asia Hall 


Avenida Padre Tomás Pereira, S/N,

Taipa, Macau, China


General information

  1. East Asia Hall is a 21-floor high-rise building (with elevator), located at a 10-minute walking distance to shops and restaurants, and a 1-minute walking distance to IFT Taipa Campus.
  2. Most of the rooms are twin-sharing bedrooms while limited single-occupancy bedrooms are provided.
  3. Floors are divided into male-floors and female-floors (mixed genders floors and rooms are not available).

Hostel Management Team

(primary contacts)

Ms. Lucy Wong

Tel: (853) 85983 044



Ms. Charlie Sou

Tel: (853) 85982 217



1st Semester (Aug – Dec)

  1. Summer to early winter
  2. Weather is hot and rainy during summer, typhoon might occur
  3. Weather is cold in winter around Dec (it might drop below 10C, students need to bring enough clothes and quilt)

2nd Semester (Jan – May)

  1. Winter to early summer
  2. Weather is cold in winter from Jan to Mar (it might drop below 10C, students need to bring enough clothes and quilt)
  3. Weather is very humid in spring, windows and doors must be closed during humid days


Besides managing the daily operations of the hostel, our Hostel Management Team members are eager to support resident students when they encounter difficulties in their hostel lives.



Eligibility (Who can apply)

  • IFT students (priority to be given to non-local students, including new students and incoming exchange students)



  1. Hostel fees are payable on a semester basis within the designated payment period
  2. Paid hostel fee will not be refunded under any circumstances

Semester hostel fee per student *


Fall semester

(1st semester)

(16/08 – 31/12)

Spring semester

(2nd semester)

(01/01 – 31/05)









Payment period



Payment method

      Please refer to Payment Methods for Bachelor Degree Programmes


  1. Rates are subject to annual review without prior notice.
  2. Extended stay will be calculated on daily basis.
  3. IFT and non-IFT students pay a different daily rate. Non-IFT students may contact the Hostel Management Team for more information.

 * Breakdown information of fees:

- Twin-sharing room: MOP1,200 per month (30-day based) and MOP100 per day

- Single-occupancy: MOP2,400 per month (30-day based) and MOP200 per day

- Exchange rate: approx. USD1=MOP8

 Included in the hostel fee 

NOT included in the hostel fee 

  1. Accommodation
  2. Basic in-room wifi access
  3. Use of hostel’s common facilities
  1. Electricity fee (to be shared among occupants in the same room)
  2. Meals
  3. Miscellaneous personal expenses





Bedrooms (twin-sharing)

  1. Desk with lamp & chair
  2. Air-conditioner (with dehumidifying function)
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Bed with mattress (bed linens are not provided, suggested size: 42" x 76")
  5. Mini refrigerator


  1. Two bedrooms sharing a bathroom

Public area





Living / dining room

  1. Dining table & chairs
  2. TV set
  3. Air-conditioner
  4. Electrical stoves
  5. Range hood
  6. Refrigerator


  1. Refrigerator
  2. Water Dispenser

Public Washroom

  1. Washing machine (without hot water function)

Clothes drying area

  1. Dehumidifier


  1. Dehumidifier


  1. Personal items like pillows, blankets, bed linens, clothes hangers, hairdryers, toothbrush, cups, mugs, toiletries, cooking utensils, cutleries, etc. are not provided, hence need to be prepared and acquired by individual occupants.
  2. Air conditioner system in bedroom does not have heating function


Other Facilities & Service

Sport facilities

Hostel students may use the sport facilities in the Institute’s campus(es) by making online reservation via the IFT Portal (intranet).

Click here to learn more 

Luggage Storage

This service is only provided for the following student groups:

  1. returning students who will not stay at the Student Hostel during the summer break;
  2. students who are having their internship or exchange programmes outside Macao during their stipulated years of study at IFT.

Designated storerooms are assigned to students for keeping their luggage. For details, please refer to the related Hostel Regulation or contact the Hostel Management Team 

Hostel Trainees

To enhance the personalized services in hostel services, hostel trainees are recruited to help our hostel students should there be queries, and to be “bridges” between hostel management team and hostel students. Students are always welcome to contact the trainees for assistance  

24-Hour Reception

In the event of an emergency, residence at East Asia Hall can contact the security on duty at 2885-1162 

Advice on Private Housing

Students who do not want to stay in IFT Student Hostel must seek for their own accommodation in the private housing market.  If necessary, assistance can be sought from the Hostel Management Team, who will be able to provide contact details of local real estate agents.

Please note that the Institute does not have any formal association with any real estate agents or home owners. The Institute is not liable for any transactions between the agents and the students. 

Arrival pick-up

Pick-up service might be arranged as specified in students’ online accommodation requests



Rules and Regulations

"Hostel life at IFT depends on cooperation and mutual respect for the rights of others."

 All resident students should familiarise themselves with the present rules and regulations, of which modifications will be made where and when applicable and appropriate.


How to apply

Students must carefully read through and understand all the above important information about IFT Student Hostel before filling in the online Accommodation Request Form.


Application periods for different semester are as follows:


Fall semester

(1st semester)

Spring semester

(2nd semester)

1 May - 1 Aug

1 Nov - 15 Dec



  1. Priority will be given to new students and exchange students.
  2. Returning students are required to apply for their hostel accommodation every semester.
  3. Room occupancy is subject to availability; renewal of tenancy cannot be guaranteed.  

East Asia Hall (EAH) Snapshot