Event Details

OSH Seminar

Category:Green & Healthy Campus Activities
Organised by:IFT Occupational Safety & Health and Green Task Force
Date / Time:2012/4/26  [15:00:00]  ---- 2012/4/26  [17:00:00]
Venue:Auditorium, T-Building

Office Work Safety Guidelines

Many people believe that occupational health and safety issues will only occur in factories and construction sites, it seems office is a safe and comfortable place to work. In fact, there are a lot potential dangers in office. If we do not know how to prevent, it will affect our safety and health . This course will let us learn more on the potential occupational hazards in office and preventive measures.

  • Office Safety & Health
  • Working Posture
  • Understanding on Office Lighting & Office Equipment
  • Indoor Air Quality and Improvement Measures
  • Usage Guideline of Electric Devices
  • Fire Safety at Workplace
  • Manual Handling Operations