Event Details

WWF Earth Hour 2012

Category:Green & Healthy Campus Activities
Organised by:IFT Occupational Safety & Health and Green Task Force
Date / Time:2012/3/31 ---- 2012/4/1
Venue:IFT Campus

In response to the “Earth Hour” campaign launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), IFT is going to support this meaningful activity by switching off those non essential lights of IFT campus for 1 hour from 20:30-21:30 on Mar 31st). During the time, the lighting of the following areas will be suspended:

  • Inspiration Building – Main Entrance, Aerial Garden & Herb Garden
  • Team Building – Logo light
  • Pousada de Mong-Há – Logo light & fountain area
  • Educational Restaurant – Logo light and garden area
  • Taipa Campus – Logo light of main entrance
  • All the neon light outside the IFT buildings

“Earth Hour” is a positive, action-oriented, celebration of the fact that if we make small changes, our lives, we can together make huge difference and so that a sustainable and healthy environment can be passed to our next generation.

 “Switching off the lights” is just a simple and effective action! No matter wherever you are, it’s always welcome to support this meaningful event. Please also kindly spread this message to all your friends and relatives for greater impact!


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