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Tchoukball Promotion Day

Category:Green & Healthy Campus Activities
Organised by:IFT Occupational Safety & Health and Green Task Force
Date / Time:2014/3/27  [13:00:00]  ---- 2014/3/27  [14:00:00]
Venue:Indoor Multi-Purpose Court

Tchoukball was invented in 1969, and this sport is a combination of handball, volleyball and squash. The name “Tchoukball” came from the “Tchouk” sound of the ball rebounding from a tchoukball frame whenever it is shot to the goal. Tchoukball is about harmony and no physical contact, while during the competition some gentlemen manner such as “modesty”, “honesty” and “sincerity” are highly engaged. To show you more about the healthiness and excitement of this sport, China- Macau Junzi Ball (Tchoukball) General Association is invited to have a demonstration at IFT on March 27th.

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