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Energy Saving Week 2012

Category:Green & Healthy Campus Activities
Organised by:IFT Occupational Safety & Health and Green Task Force
Date / Time:2012/6/10  [00:00:00]  ---- 2012/6/16  [23:59:00]

For the enhancement of energy conservation, IFT will join the “Energy Conservation Week” organised by GDSE every year.  The series of activities will help to arouse our sense of energy conservation and help in creating a green city in Macau:


Lights out activity for an Hour! Switch off buildings’ non-essential lighting for 1 hour!

Switch off the outdoor non-essential lightings of Pousada de Mong-Há and Educational Restaurant for 1 hour and encourage family members to join and switch off those non-essential lightings at home

Dress light in summer! Dress light to work except for staff who is required to wear uniform on their duty!

Dress light to work except for staff who is required to wear uniform on their duty


Energy saving campaign with civil eervants!

Appeal to all staff in carrying out the following energy saving behavior during the week in response to the event too:

  • Adjust the air-conditioning temperature around 25°C
  • Switch off the electrical devices and air conditioning when not necessary(especially after work)
  • Switch off the computer monitor when not in use especially during lunch break or when having a meeting
  • Turn off the air-conditioner 15 minutes before you are off from work
  • Turn off your computer before you leave to avoid the PC being in stand-by mode for the whole night
  • Check the status of all vehicles’ tyre to assure there is adequate air pressure inside
  • Try to switch off the engine while waiting