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Audiobooks and ebooks are available at IFT Library! Here are some reasons for using ebooks.


  1. Ebooks can be accessed from anywhere at 7/24.
  2. Ebooks can be downloaded and read from mobile devices access at your convenience.
  3. Many ebooks allow you to search inside the contents to locate information or notes.
  4. There are no overdue charges, you can borrow an ebook by downloading it to an electronic device, it will automatically returned to the e-shelves on the due date.


Here are the list of ebooks available in different platforms, for the complete ebook list, you can refer to our Library Catalogue.

iG Publishing e-Book Library   (Title List)

Full-text access to a collection over 3900 e-books published by the world’s leading academic and professional publishers in the area of tourism, hospitality and catering, humanities, health science, language, business and management, etc.


Concurrent users: Unlimited


EBSCO E-Book Collection  (Title List, User Guide)

Full-text access to a collection of 249 e-books published by various publishers and made available via EBSCO. The platform enables full text searching within a particular e-book or across titles, a selection of tools to assist users to navigate, annotate, bookmark and save searches for future use.


Concurrent users: ONE


Gale Virtual Reference Library (Title List)

Full-text access to a collection of 20 e-books published by various publishers and made available via Gale Virtual Reference Library. With ReadSpeaker technology, the platform allows text to be read aloud to users and downloaded in MP3 format. The platform also provides tool for user to have on-demand content translation into 19 languages.


Concurrent users: Unlimited

HyRead 電子書及電子雜誌 (圖書目錄, 使用說明)



帳號: 學生/員工號碼

密碼: 圖書館帳號密碼,如沒有更改應為學生證/員工證背後之條碼

線上全本瀏覽人數: 2

PATA  (Title List)

Library has subscribed titles from PATA available in fulltext, please click here to see these titles.


Concurrent users: Unlimited

PsycBOOKS (Title List)

It is a full-text database of books and chapters from the American Psychological Association (APA). The content of which is accessible through Ovid’s online platform, that allows users to view tables of contents and locate book chapters in PDF form (by clicking “Ovid Database PDFs”). 


Taylor & Francis eBooks Collection (Title List)

Full-text access to a collection of 40 e-books published by renowned imprints such as Routledge. Most titles on this site can be downloaded to the user's device as a PDF copy of the full book.


Concurrent users: Unlimited

*Some ebooks require installation of 3rd party plug-in : FileOpen


Springer ebook Subject Collection (Economics and Business & Management)

Full-text access to more than 518 e-books published by Springer in 2015. All of them can be downloaded in PDF format. please click here to see these titles.


Concurrent users: Unlimited


iRead eBook 華藝電子書 (圖書目錄, 使用說明)

圖書館於華藝電子書中可使用69本中文書籍,主題包括: 商管‧財經、設計‧藝術、生活、科普、人文、社科、語言、電腦、理工農醫及學術書。



  1. 支援各種載具「線上on-line」以及「下載download」的閱讀服務。
  2. *線上閱讀:不用安裝任何軟體,且完全跨載具支援,以瀏覽器如IE、Firefox、Chrome...即可閱讀。
  3. *下載閱讀:除PC外,亦支援Android、iPhone、iPad系統之行動載具,需搭配APP閱讀軟體【iRead eBook】使用。


可同時使用人數: 線上2人 / 離線1人