Occupational Safety and Health Doctrine

Working safely and healthily have always been the major concerns of the IFT, we commit to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. And as such, in order to achieve this goal, all staff should collaborate and contribute.

As the president, I would be the person responsible for the occupational safety and health of staff. I hereby promise that a safe mode of operation would be applied in priority when planning any project, so as to protect the safety and health of all staff. Facilities on campus would be evaluated and assessed to risk evaluation. Additionally, once occupational safety system, procedures, as well as regulations are set, all staff should be obliged to follow. The institute also evaluate, select, and manage construction companies with prudence.

We perceive, that the successful application of occupational safety requires the effort from all staff. management board and staff should bear the following responsibilities:

Management Board

  • Ensure the compliance with the law from staff.
  • Establish working safety system and related regulations
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment, and a safe mode of operation would be applied in priority when planning any project, for the sake of the course.
  • Ensure proper application, maintenance, supervision, regular introspection, and continual development of the concerned system from all staff; ensure the continual suitability of the policy.
  • Assess a detailed risk evaluation on all facilities on campus, and plot out an emergency plan to reduce risk.
  • Provide adequate courses and seminar on occupation safety to ensure concerned individuals have enough knowledge about the topic, and that they would, under safe environment, fulfill their task.
  • Evaluate, select, and manage with prudence when construction companies carry any task on campus.


  • Apply and follow the concerned Macau Law and the system and regulations established by the institute.
  • Use appropriate safety equipment.
  • Consider personal safety and safety of others.
  • Participate in relevant courses as regularly organized by the institute.
  • Report immediately any unsafe phenomenon, problematic facilities and accident.
  • Provide suggestion for the development of occupation safety.

Conclusively, staff should consider safety and health under any circumstance. All IFT staff pledge to strive for a safer institute.

President of IFT
 Dr. Fanny Vong