i. Initiate and expose Tourism Business Management freshmen students to the business environment and realities of professional life in the different aspects of the tourism industry;

ii. Help new students gain confidence and social skills in interacting with tourists, guests, and customers in a front-line setting;

iii. Immerse students into the demands and skill-requirements of success in the tourism industry;

iv. Generate and sustain the interest of first-year students in pursuing a career in the tourism industry and challenge them to make creative and lasting contributions to its development.


i. The duration of the programme is four weeks. The programme usually commences in June every year.

ii. Student trainees are seconded on a random selection basis and report to the industry partner five to six days a week following the full-time schedule of the industry partner.

For more information on the Tourism Industry Experience Scheme Policy, please contact the Regent for Practicum at or (853) 8598-3050 / 8598-1256 / 8598-1520.