Student Counselling

Students who have queries like study difficulties, internship alternatives, career development, further studies or even personal matters, are welcome to seek advice or assistance from the Student Counselling Team. Apart from this, the Student Counselling Team also acts as a bridge of communication between the Institute and the students.


Another service provided is job search, either paid, voluntary, part-time or full-time. We help to disseminate information for job opportunities offered by various companies and organizations.


Assistance and supervision is also given to students in organizing extra-curricular activities.


Enquiries can be emailed to Alternatively, you can contact the team members individually:

Ms. Shirley Ma
Tel:(853) 85061 239/ (853) 85982 030
Fax:(853) 85061 273
Ms. Shasta Leong
Tel:(853) 85061 442/ (853) 85982 030
Fax:(853) 85061 273