Recycle Use the Citrus from Mandarin Plants

Preserved Citrus with Salt

1. Wash the citrus thoroughly, and steam the washed citrus in mid-fire for 5 minutes. Leave the citrus to dry.
2. Prepare a clean and dry bottle. Place a layer of salt at the bottom and put the citrus inside. Repeat this step till all citrus sprinkled with salt.
3. Close the bottle cap firmly and label with date. Store in a cool, dark place for almost half a year till all the salt melt into water. Longer storage time, the better its efficacy.
4. Salt will melt into water after a period of time. Sprinkle more salt if the citrus were not covered with the salt water. Otherwise, it will be easily get moldy.
5. It’s nice to drink a cup of salt-preserved citrus mixed with warm water whenever you have a sore throat.