Air Conditioning Syndromes

What are the common Air Conditioning Syndromes:

1. Imbalance of the brain:

long-term stay in the air-conditioned room causes common symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue, memory loss , we call them the brain imbalances, these symptoms are temporary and reversible, if suffers leave the air conditioning environment, the symptoms can be improved.

2. Unwell of Cervical vertebrae and the joints:

Stay in the low temperature environment for a long time, the joints were stimulated by the cold, can lead to neck and back stiff, waist and limbs pain, hands and feet cold etc.

3. The respiratory discomfort:

The mucous membrane of respiratory tract is dry in air conditioning environment, so it is easy to occur pharyngeal itching, dry cough, stuffy nose, runny nose and other symptoms.

4. Stomach and menstrual disorder:

Stay in the low temperature environment for a long time is easy to cause gastric bowel peristalsis and vasomotor disorders, and often having cold drinks in summer is easy to cause symptoms such as pull and vomit, menstrual disorders and menstrual cramps.


How to prevent the Air Conditioning Syndromes:

1. Room temperature is recommended to be set between 25  to 27  the temperature between the air-conditioned room and outdoor environment should not be too different, preferably not more than 6 degrees. When the body is sweating, don't let the vents directly blow in.

2. Pay attention to the ventilation of the room, it is suggested to  use humidifier if stay  inside the  air conditioned room for a long time.

3. Better go outside to take a breath with fresh air and take some activities to move the neck and joints.

4. Pay attention to the dress code at work, it is suggested to cover the joints to avoid cold stimulation for a long time.

5. Having healthy diet and drink more water, don't have cold drinks if possible and hot ginger tea is recommended.