SCE - School of Continuing Education

School of Continuing Education (SCE) was initially established in 1982 and reported to the Macao Government Tourist Office. The school started with a small teaching body of 7 and offered 2 courses, namely, Reception and Housekeeping, at its temporary premises located next to the Educational Hotel. In the following years, more courses were added to the list such as culinary, languages and tour guiding.

In 1993, as a strategy to support tourism development, Macao government decided to create a higher education institute which would focus only on tourism education and training.  A committee was established to carry out its preparation works, and 2 years later, in 1995, the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies was born. At the same time, School of Continuing Education was integrated to the Institute.

Today, SCE is one of the schools of the Institute providing courses to a varied range of students who join us with different objectives. Many youngsters attend pre-vocational courses to learn more about the industry before making their own academic and career choices; others, join professional programmes to obtain essential knowledge before start looking for their first job or before setting up their own business; industry staff take assessments to have their skills certified and recognized internationally; some aggressive workers come to acquire more skills and high-level knowledge to further develop their career; some people simply join our courses to learn something different.

With the aim of further developing the local workforce and to push it to a higher level, besides offering courses to the general public, the school also works with local industry partners and community associations, customizing courses according to their needs. Programmes are offered at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels in the following categories: Hospitality and Catering, Heritage and Tourism, Retail, Events and Business, Creative Studies and IT, Health, Spa and Beauty, Language and Culture and Personal Development.