IFT supports Oasis Action donation campaign

To support 2016 Action Oasis charity campaign “A Red Pocket for Each” which aided students in desert and poverty areas in Mainland China and to improve teaching conditions of local schools, 2 donation boxes were placed at IFT campuses for staff and students to raise fund for the charity in March 2016.

IFT supported Oxfam Rice Sale event

IFT supported Oxfam Rice Sale event and raised a total fund of MOP7,950 amongst staff to Oxfam on April 2016.

‘Mardi Gras’ students barbecue raises Mop93,000 for 3 orphanages

Culinary Arts Management year 2 students held a charity BBQ event on 9 April 2016, to spread awareness of social welfare inequities for underprivileged children in Macao. The event was separated into 2 parts. Daytime session was a picnic style lunch for the children who were from the chosen charities. While the evening session was a barbecue style dinner, students in charge sold tickets for over 400 people and invited several representatives of the charities to join. Finally, a total net profit of MOP93,845 was earned and donated to the three local charities, namely Cradle of Hope Association, Macau Orphanage and Lar de Nossa Senhora da Penha.

‘Tourism Retail and Marketing’ students via online-based retail store raises MOP14,700 to the Society for the Protection of Animals Macau

Tourism Retail and Marketing Management year 2 students formed an online-based retail store via Facebook under the supervision of their lecturer. The project made a net income of MOP14,700 which was donated to Society for the Protection of Animals Macau. Most students said that this project can allow them to put theories into practice and to gain experience in the real-market in Macao. 

IFT staff supports Orbis Raffle Sale 2016

IFT staff members supported Orbis Raffle Sale 2016 and had raised MOP6,100 and HKD10 for Orbis on 7 April 2016.

IFT staff supports the sale of Macau Famine Corn Key Ring to help the starving kids in Africa 2016

IFT staff members supported the fund raising campaign of World Vision for the starving children and their families in Africa. Each donour can receive a Macau Famine Corn Key Ring and a greeting card which people can send blessings to the children in Africa. A total fund of MOP6,360 and HKD100 was raised and donated to World Vision on 1 April 2016.

IFT Affinity Card Programme raises Mop448,000

In 2015 (until 31 December 2015), IFT has raised MOP73,278.18 through the IFT Affinity Card Programme. The total accumulated funds has now reached MOP447,850.72. Every time a purchase or payment of services is made with our IFT Master Card, 0.3% of the spending will be automatically transferred to IFT scholarship fund. It means every IFT Credit Card holder is making a contribution to IFT scholarship recipients.

Tourism and Event major students hold “Light It Up” charity event and raises Mop27,000 for Orbis

IFT Tourism and Event Management Year 3 students held “Light It Up” charity event series in October and November 2015. The event series included Light Painting Workshop and Photo Competition, Halloween Party and Gala Event. Through organising the event series, students aimed to deliver a positive message that life should be colorful, and make it to light our soul up. All profits after deducting event cost were donated to Orbis.

Tourism and Event (evening) major students hold a charity event themed “Back to the 80s” and raises MOP43,000 for Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association (MADA)

Year 3 Tourism and Event Management (evening) students held a charity event themed “Back to the 80s” on 21 November 2015. The event aimed to arouse people’s good memories of Macao’s old times via delicately designed activities and to call for more attention and care to the local residents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The event was supported by numerous local enterprises and individuals, including the title sponsor, SamPou Ice House. The total profit made from the event reached over MOP43,000 and was donated to the Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association (MADA).

Tourism and Event major students co-organise The 6th Macau Slow Food Awards and Gala Dinner and raises MOP31,000 to Society for the Protection of Animals Macau

IFT Tourism and Event Management Year 2 students co-organised "The 6th Macau Slow Food Awards and Gala Dinner" with The Macau Slow Food Association on 18 November 2015 at IFT Educational Restaurant. The aim of the event is to award the restaurants that made efforts in maintaining and promoting the standard of Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair. The students visited a hundred restaurants that met the standard of Slow Food and recorded the information of the restaurants with three of the best dishes in "2016 Macau Slow Food Restaurant Guide". The public can obtain free copies in those 100 restaurants, government departments and arrival-departure gates of Macao. A total of MOP31,117,91 was raised from the event and donated to the Society for the Protection of Animals (Macau). 

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