<![CDATA[News & Events of IFT]]><![CDATA[Graduation Ceremony 2014]]>October 8

<![CDATA[Executive Development Programme - Strategic Marketing Management]]>Executive Development Programme - Strategic Marketing Management

<![CDATA[IFT Alumni Card is Now Open for Application]]>The IFT Alumni Card is exclusive for all IFT Alumni. It identifies you as a member of the Institute and carries your unique identification number. You can enjoy various discounts by presenting your IFT Alumni Card.

The application process is simple. Please follow the few steps below to register on the IFT Alumni Online Community and update your home address, we will then post the alumni card to your address provided.

Please keep well your unique IFT Alumni Card.

Step 1: Click “Register”

Step 2: Please choose the program you studied in IFT, fill in your full name and the last four digits of your ID card no., then press “next”.

Step 3: After inputting your information, your alumni information will be displayed on the screen. Please note that the registration process is not yet completed. Please follow the icon below to next step for changing username and password.

Step 4: Please update your personal information then press “update”. In this page, you can update your username and password. Please ensure that the mail address (home address) is correct as the alumni card will be posted to the address provided.

Step 5: Please ensure your profile is updated. The registration process is completed. Please continue browsing on the alumni online community.

<![CDATA[IFT Alumni Online Community is Officially Launched]]>The IFT Alumni Online Community is officially launched. It is an online community that dedicated to and exclusively for you. Through this online community, you can:

1. Learn the news and events of IFT and IFT alumni affairs
2. Post and search job vacancy
3. Search alumni through the online alumni directory
4. Apply document online
5. Share experience and connect alumni through the alumni forum
6. View your photos through the photo corner

The Institute aims to strengthen the sense of belonging of alumni towards the Institute and enhance a continuing relationship between the Institute and its alumni.

Each alumnus has a unique username and many of the function requires user log in before browsing. The registration process is simple, you just need to put in the program you have completed, your full name and last four digits of your ID card/passport no. for registration. Please Act Now!

<![CDATA[New Job Vacancies]]>Please click here for details

<![CDATA[Tender No. 3 / P / 2014 - Remodelling Project of CCTV System at the Institute for Tourism Studies ]]>Announcement

Tender Programme

Tender Document (appendix)

(Portuguese version only)

<![CDATA[Public Tender no. 2/P/2014 - Security Service for IFT]]>Announcement

Tender Program

Tender Document

(Portuguese version only)

<![CDATA[Creativity in Spring, Exhibition of Teachers' and Students' Works]]>With the aim of further promoting Macao's cultural and creative industry development, IFT has offered diversified cultural and creative programmes to the public.  In order to further strengthen the Macao Art Culture atmosphere, Tourism and Hotel School is going to hold an exhibition to display and acknowledge the teachers' and students’ accomplishments in visual arts. 

Theme: Creativity in Spring, Exhibition of Teachers' and Students' Works
Date:    05/29-08/31
Time:    1200-2200, Mon-Fri, except public holidays
Venue:  Educational Restaurant and Team Building, IFT

All are welcome.

<![CDATA[Graduation Ceremony 2014]]>8 October

<![CDATA[Executive Development Programme - Strategic Marketing Management]]>Documents for download:


      Approved by the "Continuous Improvement and Development Programme" of DSEJ


<![CDATA[The 5th International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing]]>DBM-V

<![CDATA[The 7th International Conference on Services Management]]>The 7th  International Conference on Services Management