<![CDATA[News & Events of IFT]]><![CDATA[IFT and ASVM Are Jointly Offering a Course in Visual Merchandising]]>IFT and Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers are jointly offering the course, Introduction to Visual Merchandising - Concept and Application.  Students who have attended no less than 80% of the class sessions and passed the exam will be issued both course certificates by IFT and Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers. 

For course details and enrollment, please go to: http://www.ift.edu.mo/En/CurrentCourses/Home/Index/350#!page=en/CourseDetail.aspx?cCode=RC013&subCode=1401

<![CDATA[Appraisal and Authentication of 20th Century Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Is Now Accepting Applications]]>e

<![CDATA[International Exchange Programme 2014 - Cultural Tourism and Thai Hospitality ]]>Dusit Thani College, Thailand and Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao will jointly organise International Exchange Programme – Cultural Tourism and Thai Hospitality. For details, please refer to programme website.

Programme Date: 21 - 27 Dec 2014

Venue: Dusit Thani College, Bangkok, Thailand

Application Deadline: 05 Oct 2014


<![CDATA[Graduation Ceremony 2014]]>October 8

<![CDATA[IFT Alumni Online Community is Officially Launched]]>The IFT Alumni Online Community is officially launched. It is an online community that dedicated to and exclusively for you. Through this online community, you can:

1. Learn the news and events of IFT and IFT alumni affairs
2. Post and search job vacancy
3. Search alumni through the online alumni directory
4. Apply document online
5. Share experience and connect alumni through the alumni forum
6. View your photos through the photo corner

The Institute aims to strengthen the sense of belonging of alumni towards the Institute and enhance a continuing relationship between the Institute and its alumni.

Each alumnus has a unique username and many of the function requires user log in before browsing. The registration process is simple, you just need to put in the program you have completed, your full name and last four digits of your ID card/passport no. for registration. Please Act Now!

<![CDATA[Accepted List of Short Courses]]>

In case of typhoon or unforeseen circumstances, the release of Accepted List will be postponed to the next working day.

Course CodeCourse NameCourse PeriodEnrolment PeriodAccepted & Waiting ListTimeTable


Appraisal and Authentication of 20th Century Chinese Calligraphy and Painting 2014/10/27- 2014/11/05  6-7 OctViewView


 Korean 22014/10/15- 2014/12/10 6-7 Oct ViewView


 Portuguese and Macanese Cuisine2014/10/14- 2014/11/13 6-7 Oct ViewView


Portuguese and Macanese Cuisine 2014/10/17- 2014/12/19  6-7 OctViewView


Fundamental Korean Makeup  2014/10/13- 2014/10/17 6-7 Oct ViewView


Fundamental Korean Makeup  2014/10/13- 2014/10/17 6-7 Oct ViewView


 Fundamental Korean Makeup 2014/10/18- 2014/10/20 6-7 Oct ViewView


Fundamental Korean Makeup  2014/10/18- 2014/10/20 6-7 Oct ViewView


WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits (Chinese) 2014/10/23- 2014/11/27  6-7 OctViewView


 Certificate on Professional Makeup Level 22014/10/08-                                                             2014/10/29 24-25 SepViewView


Introduction to Management Accounting 2014/10/06-                                                             2014/11/10 24-25 SepViewView


 Introduction to Chinese Liquor2014/10/06-                                                             2014/10/20 24-25 SepViewView


Photoshop - Creative Synthetic Images 1 2014/10/07-                                                             2014/11/25 24-25 SepViewView


 Flash CS5 Animation Principles2014/10/24-                                                             2014/12/12 24-25 SepViewView


 Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System - Waiter/Waitress (Western Restaurant Service)2014/10/07-                                                             2014/12/04 24-25 SepViewView


Japanese 1 2014/10/29-                                                             2014/12/17 24-25 SepViewView


 Korean 12014/10/21-                                                             2014/12/09 24-25 SepViewView


Spoken Cantonese for Putonghua Speakers 1 2014/10/30-                                                             2014/12/18 24-25 SepViewView


Supervision in Retail Sales 2014/10/07-                                                             2014/11/25 24-25 SepViewView


Applying Office 2010 to Human Resources Management   2014/10/10-                                                             2014/11/12 24-25 SepViewView


Tourism Market Research and Analysis Skills (SPSS) 2014/10/21-                                                             2014/11/20 24-25 SepViewView


Reportage Photography 1 2014/10/07-                                                             2014/11/07 24-25 SepViewView


English Language Skills for Beginners: Grammar 12014/10/28-                                                             2014/12/1617-18 SepViewView


Elementary Chinese Ink Painting 1 - Basic Chrysanthemum Painting 2014/10/08-                                                             2014/12/31 17-18 SepViewView


Elementary Chinese Ink Painting 1 - Basic Chrysanthemum Painting 2014/10/09-                                                             2014/12/29 17-18 SepViewView


 Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System - Room Attendant2014/10/14-                                                             2014/12/04 17-18 SepViewView


 Japanese Cuisine2014/10/08-                                                         2014/10/29 15-16 SepViewView


 Pastry2014/10/06-                                                         2014/11/10 15-16 SepViewView


 Introduction to Wine - Wine Knowledge 12014/10/07-                                                         2014/11/11 15-16 SepViewView


Specialty Coffee Association of Europe - Introduction to Coffee 2014/10/10-                                                         2014/10/31  15-16 SepViewView


 Chinese Tea Master - Foundation Level2014/10/10-                                                         2014/12/12  15-16 SepViewView


Excel 2010 in Data Processing Applications  2014/10/06-                                                         2014/12/01   15-16 SepViewView


English for Complaint Handling 2014/11/05-                                                         2014/12/10  11-12 SepViewView


English for Administrative Officers 2014/11/04-                                                         2014/12/11 11-12 SepViewView


Souvenir Design and Production Series - Creative Silver Clay  2014/10/07-                                                         2014/11/13 11-12 SepViewView


Practical Putonghua 1 2014/10/22-                                                         2014/12/17  3-4 SepViewView
<![CDATA[Graduation Ceremony 2014]]>8 October

<![CDATA[Executive Development Programme - Strategic Marketing Management]]>Documents for download:


      Approved by the "Continuous Improvement and Development Programme" of DSEJ


<![CDATA[The 5th International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing]]>DBM-V

<![CDATA[The 7th International Conference on Services Management]]>The 7th  International Conference on Services Management

<![CDATA[International Exchange Programme 2014 - Cultural Tourism and Thai Hospitality ]]>  

<![CDATA[Boutique Food Forum]]>Boutique Food Forum

IFT will be organising the Boutique Food Forum (BFF) during 14-16 January 2015. International scholars, professionals and people from the industry are expected to participate the event in Macao.

BFF is the first food forum held in Macao, combining both local and overseas, academic and industry. We will share the characteristics and food cultural of different countries through four themed presentations and workshops including Food Society and Culture; Food and Sustainability; Food, Health and Nutrition; Food Politics, Policies and Economics. For more details, please visit our website at http://www.ift.edu.mo/bff-conference/BFF.html