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The Recultivation of Culture:An Exhibition of Creative Script Hand Lettering

The Recultivation of CultureAn Exhibition of Creative Script Hand Lettering

To promote the development of local cultural and creative industries and to enrich the citizens’ cultural life, Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) has scheduled to hold The “Recultivation of Culture: An Exhibition of Creative Script Hand Lettering” at the Team Building of IFT from 28 July to 31 October 2017. During the exhibition, creative script hand lettering works by the teacher and the students will be displayed. The general public are invited to appreciate the charm of script calligraphy and creative ways of using script hand lettering.


IFT has devoted a lot of effort to promote and develop cultural and creative industries. In addition to providing diversified courses, in 2016, the Institute launched the “Script Calligraphy” course, inviting well-known Macao calligrapher and lettering artist Henry Kwok to be the instructor.


Through organising this exhibition, 65 works by instructor Henry Kwok and his students will be displayed. The displayed works celebrated one of the most original forms of communication for highlighting the brilliance of the written word. It also reminded the audiences of the traditional form of communication by simply writing on a paper with a pen instead of texting on a keyboard or touchscreen.


IFT has always endeavoured to promote the local cultural industries. Aside from constantly offering diverse cultural and creative courses, we have also actively cooperated with local artists and designers in recent years, holding different types of exhibitions to promote local creations to society and provide a display platform for the local artists and designers.


Artist Statement


Travel back in time when words are hand written and not type written, when the culture of conveying a message is not enough, it must also convey a feeling.


Modern communication is very convenient, useful and fast, but it’s also cold, lack formality and doesn’t have much character. It’s like receiving an e-card compare to a signed Christmas card.


Luckily, the interest in regaining the human touch in writing is coming back, just like vinyl records, it’s coming back slowly and steadily. This exhibition is the living proof, as it is a collection of works by many students and selected works of the teacher.


Some of the students just want to reacquaint themselves with writing and for some, get to learn how to write for the first time. All are surprised and what can be achieved in a short period of time.


Please support the recultivation of culture, help recapture the past and rebuild our humanity.

Next time when you have to write a note, use a pen.


As nothing is more endearing than a handwritten note.


Artist Bio


Henry Kwok graduated from Utah State University and after graduation worked as an art director in member agencies of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) in New York. While he is studying in university and working in advertising agencies in New York, he never stopped studying and learning about different forms of lettering especially script lettering and always trying to find practical use for the art form.


After working in New York he has taught design, advertising, typography, script and psychedelic lettering for 18 years, in Macau.


Also, during that time, he has organized free, after school lettering classes for the students. Presently, he is holding classes and workshops at many organizations.


Henry have completed and published several books, some are of his own work and some with students under his supervision and art direction.




Hard Edge Graphics. A book of positive/negative illustrations. (ISBN99937-33-47-4)


Macau. Why is a place so small has so many stories? (ISBN978-99965-900-3-0)


Macao World Heritage Posters Exhibition. (ISBN99937-58-13-2)


Let’s be Groovy Again. (ISBN978-99937-731-4-6)


How to Create a Monster. An interactive book for all ages. (No yet published)