The Internship Programme aims to provide our students the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical foundation through practical experience. A major component of this experience is the formation of a professional attitude. The students are expected to develop their personality and capacity to adapt to, and handle, challenging situations in the real business world. Through the internship program, the students should be able to acquire transferable skills such as communications skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills, teamwork skills, management skills and problem-solving skills. Last but not least, the students can explore their interest in future career development.


The Internship Programme is required for all bachelor degree students and each student is expected to complete six whole months* of internship during which he/she must work for a minimum of 800 hours. Each student is expected to be supervised by a mentor throughout the internship. The student will need to fill in a monthly report to report his/her progress during the internship whereas the mentor will need to give an appraisal to the student on a monthly basis. 


For more information on the Internship Programme, please contact the Pedagogic Council Practicum and Internship Sub-Committee (PCPI) at or (853) 8598-3050 / 8598-1256 / 8598-1520.


*Applicable to daytime degree programmes only.